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Monday 22 March 2021

Shiva Journey To Plunotaria Movie Hindi VootKids 1080p

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Name :- Shiva Journey To Plunotaria

Release Year :- 2019

Quality :- 1080p

Size :- 1.4GB

Duration :- 1 Hour 21 Minutes

Language :- Hindi

OTT :- VootKids

Credit :- TheDNK❤️


Summary :- Shiva and friends are out to help Inspector Laddoo Singh’s friend, a scientist who has a gadget that can take you to any timeline. Mad Mendoza and his gang steal the gadget and travel to Plunotoria to get their hands on a unique stone, making them powerful enough to destroy whomsoever comes in their way. Let’s watch Shiva’s Journey to Plunotoria and find out if Shiva and friends can defeat Mad Mendoza and stop them from hampering Plunotoria’s peace. 

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