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Tuesday 9 June 2020

Chhota Bheem Aur Krishna In Mayanagari Movie In Hindi

Quality :- 1080p
Duration :- 1 Hour 7 Minutes
Size :- 500MB
Languages :- Hindi + Telugu

Storyline :- The movie opens with Mayandri attacking Gopu's sister Geeta. She tries to release her brother Kirmada but fails as Lord Krishna's  power prevents him to retain his full form. Bheem and his friends are having fun in Dwarka with their friend Kanha. Mayandri tries to attack Kanha with leopards but Kanha fights them off. Bheem gets injured and his friend Krishna offers to heal him. Just before the Dholakpurians leave, Krishna offers them gifts. Kalia gets a powder that if sprinkled on someone enables him to hear their thoughts and Dholu and Bholu gets a box in which they could ask for any food item they want. Bheem suddenly feels it was time for everyone to go back to Dholakpur and they board their ship and bid farewell to Krishna, their beloved friend.

They face a storm on the way. Mayandri arranges for a trap to have Kanha in her grasp as she sends Gappi, her pet bird and a ferocious Puma to trick the Dholakpurians. Chutki loses her ring and Mayandri gets an idea to capture Krishna. She uses her dead magical powers to create a fake Chutki and calls Kanha out of his peaceful Dwarka. Krishna responds, only to realize that it is a trap. Kanha fights Mayandri and Mayandri tricks Kanha by showing that Chutki is about to be attacked by fierce leopards(not real). Krishna feels helpless thinking they are real. Mayandri releases her powerful magical spell on Kanha captures him.

Meanwhile in Dholakpur, Bheem feels as if Kanha is in trouble. Kanha wakes up in a bubble in a barren desert captured. Mayandri creates her own magical city called Mayanagari. She drains out Kanha's powers and uses them to form Kirmada half in size. The Dholakpurians are having supper at a Dhaba in a peaceful village. Bheem gets a signal through his magical pendant that Kanha is in trouble at Mayanagari, Mayandari's magical city. Dholu suggests that they get the information and address of Mayanagari from a powerful magician. The owner tells Bheem of a magician named Tantrakaar. Bheem hears someone cry for help and rushes over. They realize that it is Tantrakaar, Gopu's grandfather. They tell him everything and he tells them the way to Mayanagari.

Bheem and his friends reach Mayanagari and enter. Mayandri looks stunned when she realizes that the Dholakpurians have entered Mayanagari to help Kanha. Bheem sends his friends to find out where Krishna is. Mayandri sets some traps to stop them. Bheem and Raju face demon castles. Mayandari captures Bheem and takes him to her palace. Bheem's friends run away from their troubles. Bheem reaches the palace and finds his friend Kanha lying unconscious due to extreme low power. He tries to wake up his friend and uses his pendant to wake up Krishna, next to him. Kanha tells him the story.

Mayandri and Kirmada return after making arrangements for a special ceremony to find Kanha alive. The ceremony begins but Kanha spoils it by giving away his powers to the cruel duo. Kanha and Bheem free themselves and fight Mayandri and Kirmada. Bheem gets scratched on the face, body and shoulder. Kanha tells Bheem that Mayandri's powers in her hair. Bheem chops them off and Mayandri is helpless. Kanha takes his powers back from Kirmada. Mayanagari starts to fall and the kids and Krishna escape. Tantrakaar's granddaughter Geeta comes back to life again and Gopu is elated as the film comes to an end.

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