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Saturday 5 October 2019

The Secret Life of Pets 2 Full Movie In Hindi

Quality :- 1080p,720p & 480p
Size :- 800MB,585MB & 275MB
Duration :- 1H26M
IMDb Rating :- 6.5/10

Movie Story :- Sometime after the events of the first film, Max and Duke's owner, Katie, gets married with a guy named Chuck and had a son, Liam, whom Max disapproves of at first due to his rough play but eventually softens up to him. Later, Max's overprotective feelings for Liam develop into an itch which prompts Katie to get him a dog cone from the veterinarian in an effort to lower his symptoms. Max's luck changes when Duke reveals that the family is going on a road trip outside of the city.

When Max and Duke's family reaches a farm owned by Chuck's uncle, Max grows unaccustomed to the farm's ways, including a pig named "Piggy". After an incident with the farm's sheep, Piggy takes Max out to find one of the missing sheep that ran away. Piggy teachs and tipped to Max about acting unafraid prompts Max to successfully retrieve the sheep. Piggy allows Max to stay with him forever. Before Max decided his propotion, Piggy closes Max in the barn jail.

Before Max goes to sleep, he had entrusted his favorite toy, Busy Bee, to Gidget. Unfortunately, Gidget loses Busy Bee in a cat-infested apartment owned by a cat lady. She receives cat lessons from Chloe, Mel, Buddy, and Sweet Pea in order to sneak in the apartment easier. With the help of Norman, she successfully retrieves Busy Bee and unintentionally gets hailed as the "queen of cats".

Meanwhile, Chloe and Snowball meet Shih Tzu Daisy, who explains that she needs Snowball, who dreams of being a superhero, to assist her with rescuing a White tiger named Hu that was also in Piggy's farm. While on flight back to the city, Daisy encountered him being held captive by Piggy. Daisy and Snowball sneak in and find Piggy's farm. With much difficulty from Piggy's wolfs, they free Hu from the farm jail. However, in the heat of the escape, Daisy forgets rescue Max and accidentally drops her flower clip, which the wolfs use to track her down.

She and Snowball take him to Pops' apartment to make a plan to rescue Max and stop Piggy. Pops reluctantly lets Hu live there but due to his destruction of the apartment afterwards, Hu is kicked out and relocated in Max and Duke's barn jail. Around the same time, the family returns from the trip. But Piggy and his wolfs track Daisy down and capture both Hu and Daisy for put them on the barn jail with Duke and Max. Piggy put all his jails in his train moving for the circus in which Snowball, Max, and Norman pursue while contacting Gidget for assistance in the chase for rescue Daisy, Hu, Duke and Max from Piggy's attack. Gidget and the cats take their owner off in her car, in pursuit of the train.

Max and Snowball defeat the wolfs and Piggy's pet monkey, while freeing Hu and Daisy respectively. Max, using his newfound bravery saves Duke for scape, successfully infiltrates the train locomotive Piggy falls from the train. The rest of the animals go and kick him out of the train. But before they are shot by Piggy's shotgun, Gidget, along with the cat lady, Chloe, Mel, Buddy, Duke, and Sweet Pea knock him out with her car and offers the animals a ride back home. Life resumes normally, with Max and Duke's family saying goodbye to Liam as he enters his first day of preschool while Hu takes up residence in his new home with the cat lady and Snowball becomes New York City's local superhero.

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